Biografi in Oberhausen-competition
La Viande around the world
Autumn Man to the Netherlands
Biografi at Tempo
Selberg Auguststén retrospective in Tampere
Bokomotiv at the Göteborg festival
La'viande at the Pole
Johanna Rubin honored in Uppsala
Meat goes Uppsala
La viande goes North America
Biografi premiere in Locarno
Bogland in Melbourne
La viande + L'amour opening internationally in Edinburgh
Your Mind back in the cinemas and out in the world
Poet on Tour
Autumn Man is a Winner
New film by Jonas Selberg Augustsén in Göteborg-competition
The Mill and the Cross World Premiere in Sundance
Autumn Man in Clermont-Ferrand Competition
Autumn Man winner in Melbourne
Freedom Calf and The Tree Lover in Finland
Autumn Man winner in Melbourne
Autumn Man in Nordic Competition
Leopard Competition
Autumn Man in Nordic Competition
Poet of the Elephant House in the Czech Republic
Autumn Man Down Under
Winner Autumn Man
The Autumn Man to open at the Göteborg International Film Festival
Bokomotiv is travelling
Your Mind is Bigger Than all the Supermarkets in the World
Scrap at BUFF
Radio Documentary about Tonino Guerra
Two Films at The Göteborg Festival
Tree Lover in Latin America
The Tale of an Artist's Brush winner in Florence
Rampling, York and Hauer
The Tree Lover released nationwide
Discussion at Zita in Stockholm
The Calf in Uppsala
The Tree Lover in Lübeck
The Tree Lover in Argentina
World Premier for La favola in Italy
Next stop Croatia for the Process
Bokomotiv in Polish project
Bokomotiv this Summer
Freedom Calf in Hamburg
On location in Istanbul
Now to Norway
Bokomotiv in Cannes
Esther´s Book on Good Friday
The Process in Swedish competition
The Process in Finland
The Process in Serbia
The Tree Lover, World Premiere in Göteborg
The Process in Tromsö
The Church Prize
Anna goes Barcelona
The Process in compeitition
The Widerberg Award
Freedom Calf on DVD
Lena on singel DVD


Under produktion

In Swedish


Regi: Magnus Bärtĺs



La Viande + L'amour
Regi: Johanna Rubin


  The Mill and The Cross
Director: Lech Majewski
  Poet of the Elephant House
Director: Anna Juhlin