Director: Clara Bodén

Director: Magnus Bärtås

La viande + L'amour
Director: Johanna Rubin

Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

The Mill & the Cross
Director: Lech Majewski

Poet of the Elephant House
Director: Anna Juhlin

The Autumn Man
Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Your Mind is Bigger Than all
the Supermarkets in the World

Director: Cecila Neant Falk

Director: Clara Bodén

La favola del pennello/
The Tale of an Artist´s Brush

Director Andreas Kassel

The Tree Lover
Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

in the land of the cranes/
a film about Chongming Island

Director: Lisa Hagstrand

Director: Mathew Moore

I think of myself - and the left
Director: Maria Rydbrink Raud

Freedom Calf
Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Director: Mårten Barkvall

Hiding behind the camera
Part 2

Director: Carl Johan De Geer

The Zone
Director: Esaias Baitel





Under produktion

In Swedish

  in the land of the cranes/a film about Chongming Island  
  Sweden, China 2008, 28 min, documentary. HD Cam SR  
  Director: Lisa Hagstrand  

A visit to the largest sedimentary island in the world, located in the opening of the Yangtze River north of Shanghai, provides a glimpse of a rich habitat. What at first glance appears to be merely a natural environment reveals complex questions. Birds and ornithologists, urban planners and developers, islanders as well as migrant workers all co-exist. A film that arises thoughts about what happens when the city unyieldingly comes closer to the island.


  Director, script sound, editing

Lisa Hagstrand

  Producer Freddy Olsson, Lisa Hagstrand  
  Sound design

Jan Alvermark


Produced by Bokomotiv Filmproduktion and Lisa Hagstrand Filmproduktion with support from The Royal Academy of Arts.