Director: Clara Bodén

Director: Magnus Bärtås

La viande + L'amour
Director: Johanna Rubin

Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

The Mill & the Cross
Director: Lech Majewski

Poet of the Elephant House
Director: Anna Juhlin

The Autumn Man
Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Your Mind is Bigger Than all
the Supermarkets in the World

Director: Cecila Neant Falk

Director: Clara Bodén

La favola del pennello/
The Tale of an Artist´s Brush

Director Andreas Kassel

The Tree Lover
Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

in the land of the cranes/
a film about Chongming Island

Director: Lisa Hagstrand

Director: Mathew Moore

I think of myself - and the left
Director: Maria Rydbrink Raud

Freedom Calf
Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén

Director: Mårten Barkvall

Hiding behind the camera
Part 2

Director: Carl Johan De Geer

The Zone
Director: Esaias Baitel





Under produktion

In Swedish

  The Zone  
  Sweden 2003, 10 min, 35 mm, b/w, 1:1.66, Dolby SR  
  Director: Esaias Baitel  
  The Zone is a story about Rock 'n' Roll and dreams of Harley Davidsons. It is a story about Hells Angels and Nazi symbols, and about sex, drugs, hate and violence.  

  Director/ screenplay /photographs Esaias Baitel  
  Producer Freddy Olsson  
  Director of photography Harry Tuvanen  
  Copist still photographs Edouard Palliet  
  Sound Jan Alvermark  
  Editor Thomas Täng/SFK  
  Assistant editor Petra Ahlin  
  Sound mix Owe Svensson/Studio 24  
  Laboratory Filmteknik  
  Grader Nils Melander  
  Poster Göran Lind  
  Music Salut Charlie
With permission from Universal Music and Pimiento Music
Le Bon Temps du Rock ´n´ Roll
With permission from Universal Music AB and BMG
Mon Petit Loup
With permission from Universal Music AB and Warner/Chappel
Nashville Blues
With permission from Uniiversal Music AB and Warner/Chappell

Produced by Bokomotiv - De Geer & Olsson AB with support from the Swedish Film Institute/ film commissioner Hjalmar Palmgren in co-operation with IKON - Story AB for SVT Dokumentary



In the nineteen seventies, photographer Esaias Baitel lived in France, in the Parisian suburb of Aubervilliers, for five years, which, among other things, resulted in a book and an exhibition that has toured the world.

Esaias was born in Trelleborg, Sweden, in 1949, where his father, originally from a small Polish town, arrived in 1945 from a camp in Lübeck, Germany. His mother escaped from Latvia. After graduating from Uppsala University, Esaias Baitel has in the ensuing twenty-five years established himself as a world-class photographer. His stories have been published in all the great magazines, like Paris Match, Time and Newsweek.

The Zone describes a neighborhood where motor bikes, rock and roll, and swastikas go hand in hand. In order to get close to these ”Rockers”, Esaias had to tell them that he was a Swede of Walloon origin. To introduce himself as a Jew in this environment would not have been cool. The photos do not show lost or mislead youths, but take us very close to a integrated subculture, with entire families and small children.

There are a lot of films and documentaries about the problems that immigrants encounter in France. Here we get to see the pictures of the other side. Confrontations are not hard to imagine. Esaias Baitel’s photos pointed towards the future. In the nineteen seventies, he documented something that later was to erupt throughout Europe: the different forms and shapes of neo nazism. The photos are accompanied by Esaias Baitel’s texts, describing his experiences living among the Rockers.


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