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Under produktion

In Swedish

  Autumn Man  
  Sweden, 2010, 29 min, Stereo  
  Director: Jonas Selberg Augustsén  

Autumn Man is searching the our essential needs. Number one is coffe and the second is to listen to your own emotional life.The falling of the leaves certainly is painful. A story that takes place in i the borderland netween Sweden and Finland. The language is meänkieli.



Anton Raukola, Adam Huuva, Karin Antilla, Lena Autio, Ros-Mari Barmosse, Hempa Buska, Anna Goman, Aale Grekula, Jalle Lindblad, Oili Uusi Seppelä, Jessica Vänneheinänen

  Director, Screenplay Jonas Selberg Augustsén  
  Producer Freddy Olsson  
  Director of Photography

Harry Tuvanen

  Focus Puller

Mattias Paulsson

  Editor, Animations

Alberto Herskovits

  Production Design

Madeleine Lundberg


Åsa Nilsson


Viktoria Mattila

  Make Up

Annika Öhlund

  Line Producer, Still Photographs

Lena Lahti


Clara Bodén


Axel Söderlund


Kent Högberg


Kim Peensaar Miell

  Location Manager

Göran Mörtberg

  Production Assistants

Anna Juhlin


Ann-sofie Rännare


Elin Saloniemei

  Sound, Sound Design

Jan Alvermark


Owe Svensson


Jean Sibelius
Courtesy Of Ondine And Naxos


Toivo Kärki
Courtesy Of Warnerchappell


Nordisk Film Post Production

  Laboratory Coordinator

Jonas Elofsson


Lillan Gahlin


Christer Eidhagen


Per Legelius

  Film Recording

Nfpp Cinevator Five


Kerstin Johansson


Adam Huuva


Agneta Wirberg/textmakarna


Göran Lind

  Thank you

Ivar Stridsman Hiirivaara/Kiruna, Siv Nordmark Hiirivaara/Luleå, Jouko and Leo Koivisto Aavasaksa/Finland, Ingemar Sturk NORD, Martin Sundbaum Hedenäset/Luleå, Gunilla Zakari Hedenäset, Ingela Jakobsson-Åhl, Övertorneå Hospital, Göte Wallenius Övertorneå Hospital, The library staff in Övertorneå, Nils-Bertil Ylivainio Övertorneå, The staff at Hanhinvittikko chalet, Övertorneå Local Government, Stefan Nilsson, NLL Boden, Banverket/Haparanda­banan, Birgitta and Björn Logren, Åke Olsson, The Friends at Elektriska Kon


Produced by Bokomotiv Filmproduktion AB un co-operation with Sveriges Television
and Filmpool Nord AB, Sirel Peensaar with production support from Svenska Filminstitutet,
film commissioner Andra Lasmanis.


Autumn, the season when nature prepares to be reborn by dying. In this time of the year we meet two young fellows. They are perhaps not the most popular characters in the small Torne­dalen community since their method of subsistence is on the outskirts of morality.
Most of their endeavors seem to be jinxed as if a higher power is trying to say something about their life style.
Two men, two different reactions, either bracing oneself or letting the scents of autumn open one’s mind.
Inspired by the Tornedalen men he has met in his life, the etchings of the artist Stig Åsberg as well as the poetics of the poet Gunnar Ekelöf, Jonas Selberg Augutsén tries to make us under­stand the depth of the soul of a man from northern Sweden. They don’t say much, but a lot is happening under the surface.
Autumn Man takes a look at man’s most important needs. It appears that number one is coffee and second to that is to listen to one’s own emotional life. The falling of the leaves certainly is painful. A story on the boundary between Sweden and Finland where people speak Meänkieli (“our language”).