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Under produktion

In Swedish

  Sweden, 2006, 6 min, 35 mm, black/white, 1:1.85  
  Director: Mathew Moore  

An emotional, magical depiction of the frailty of existence, the transience of our lives and the speed at which the juggernaut of time races by. A journey through ourselves, a path laid out before our very eyes on a cold, desolate, wintry beach.



Oliver Moore, Pauline Moore, Adam Wilkes, Alex Burkit, Alan Barker, Janet Barker, Don Burkit, Bugs Burkit

  Director/screenplay/producer Mathew Moore  
  Cinematographer David Holme  
  Camera assistent Adam Willis  
  1:st AD Lars Åberg  
  Grip Tommy Gower  
  Art director Peter Down  
  Continuity Tonya Hall  
  Directors assistent Dan Makinder  
  Editor Bengt Andersson  
  Music Gustav Mahler
Adagietto Symfoni nr 5
Polish Radio orchestra
With permission from Naxos
  Sound & Mix Jonas Palmgren  
  Driver Pete Docker  

Produced by Neon Gods in cooperation with Bokomotiv - Freddy Olsson Film Production with support form the Swedish Film Institute.


Historia is the dramatisation of a simple yet extremely moving moment in my life. Sat one wintry day on a windswept beach contemplating (or escaping) from the world, a strange, almost otherwordly depiction of the frailty of existence was gently laid out across the beach before me. The unquestioning love and dependence of childhood, the self exploration, and fiery independence of youth, the comfort, security and companionship of middle-age and the ultimate tragedy of seperation and loss. Four steps of life. Steps that make history.

I swore that I would one day return and document this precious moment believing that filming it would in some way make concrete a paramount realisation in my life - that "time and tide wait for no man". The result is this film - Historia.

Mathew Moore