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Director: Esaias Baitel





Under produktion

In Swedish

  Esther's Book  
  Sweden 2004, 15 min, 35 mm, colour, 1:1.66, Dolby SR  
  Director: Esaias Baitel  
  A story of power play, cunning and courage. Esther saves the Jewish people from destruction in their Persian captivity.  

  Director/screenplay/photography Esaias Baitel

Freddy Olsson

  Cinematography Harry Tuvanen
  Black/white copies Edouard Palliet
  Scanning Svante Larsson
  Editor/ post-production coordination Alberto Hersckovits
  Animation/ post-production coordination Timo Menke
  Sound och music was recorded on location in Bnei Brak, Jerusalem, Jfar Habad and Safed Michel Bajn
  Sounc Jan Alvermark
  Sound mix Owe Svensson/Studio 24
  Video to film Lars Arvidsson, Nina Hedman
  Colour grader Peter Retzlaff
  Laboratory Filmteknik   
  Poster Göran Lind

Produced by Bokomotiv - De Geer & Olsson AB with support from The Swedish Film Institute, film commissioner Hjalmar Palmgren, Sveriges Television, SVT, Ulla Nilsson and Ingmar Persson and the Jewish Cultural Committé in Stockholm, Miriam Andersson.


A story of power play, cunning and courage. Esther saves the Jewish people from destruction in their Persian captivity.

The Jewish holiday of Purim was instituted to celebrate Esther’s people’s escape from anihilation.

For 15 years, Esaias Baitel has been photographing the celebration of Purim in Jerusalem. For 24 hours the world is turned upside down and Jewish scholars lay aside the Torah to enter deeply into the contents of bottles. With music and sound from the festivities, The Book of Esther recreates the chaos of happiness, intoxication and faith that is the essence of Purim.

The film is also a reminder that the Holocaust of the twentieth century was not an isolated occurrence.

Esaias Baitel was born in Trelleborg, Sweden, in 1948. After graduating from Uppsala University, he has lived abroad and in the ensuing twenty-five years established himself as a world-class photographer. In 2003, his filmThe Zone, about street gangs in Paris, premièred. The Zone has been entered in several large festivals and was awarded best short documentary in Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic.


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